Zilla is the main antagonist and titular character of the 1998 Roland Emmerich movie, Godzilla. Its vocal sound effects are done by Frank Welker.

"Zilla" was also the Final Word used by Damien for Alone in the Dark.


  • Was so embarrassing to the Godzilla lore that it was officially rechristened as "Zilla" in canonical Godzilla fiction
  • Looks like a giant iguana/T-rex/chicken amalgamation
  • Can randomly disappear from military vehicles chasing after it in NEW YORK CITY
  • Changes size to suit the needs of whatever scene it's in
  • Eats fish, which makes zero sense, considering that lizards eat bugs and not fish
  • Is said to reproduce asexually, which is totally false in every sense (especially scientifically), and the way they try to explain it in the movie is a load of horseshit
  • Can destroy brick, concrete and cement structures in mere seconds, but gets tangled up in suspension bridge cables
  • This leads to his death by F-18 missiles--the only time in Godzilla fiction where the military is what winds up stopping Godzilla
  • After over a year and a half, it was discovered that he was what attacked Edward Carnby and Aline Cedrac at the end of Alone in the Dark
  • No relation to Reptile