William Lennox
is a protagonist? in the 2007 Michael Bay film, Transformers and its sequels, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen and Transformers: Dark of the Moon. (He is also slated to return for the fifth installment.) He is played by Josh Duhamel.


  • Also goes by "Captain Johnny Knoxville"
  • Along with the rest of his division, is totally forgotten about for humongous chunks of the first movie
  • Has a newborn child back in the States, so you know, you're supposed to care about him...I guess...
  • And after roughly the 35-minute mark of the first movie, we never see his wife and kid again
  • Gets attacked by Scorponok for literally no reason in the middle of a desert
  • Doesn't seem to care that Scorponok brutally murdered one of his platoon mates
  • Essentially throws Theodore Galloway out of a plane, but is never even questioned, let alone court-martialed, about this act
  • Does absolutely fuck-all in the second movie
  • And the third movie

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