William Easton
is the protagonist? of the 2009 film, Saw VI. He is played by Peter Outerbridge.


  • Jigsaw's insurer at Umbrella Health, which is hilarious considering that Jigsaw, before even buying insurance from him, knows for a fact that William screws people over
  • Is evil on a level so cartoonish, that he denies a man a life-saving operation because he did not note oral surgery he had when he was 12 years old on his insurance claim
  • Has a sister who looks absolutely nothing like him, is like half his age, whom he apparently lives with, and calls "Babe"
  • Employs a group of cronies known as The Dog Pit, whose entire job description is finding any loophole they can possibly dig up in order to deny their clients' insurance claims
  • Is put into a Jigsaw game where, ultimately, he has no control over his fate, which COMPLETELY defeats the purpose of him having gone through the game in the first place
  • In other news, the people who like this movie because of its supposed "deep narrative" are morons

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