(also known on the podcast as "Whiffledick"), is a character in the 2009 Michael Bay film, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, as well as the sequel, Dark of the Moon. He is voiced by Tom Kenny, who was earning a Ben Kingsley Paycheck.


  • Tries to steal the piece of the Allspark from Mikaela, but she blow torches his eye out
  • Gets thrown into a toolbox and toted around by Mikaela for most of the movie
  • Somehow makes it past airport security
  • Has a Brooklyn mafioso accent for some reason
  • Has no weapons at all
  • Turns face and defects to the Autobots and humps Mikaela's leg to solidify his turn
  • Reappears in the third movie, and helps another mini-Autobot take down an entire Decepticon pulling some wires out

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