is a character in the 2005 film, The Crow: Wicked Prayer.  He is played by Marcus Chong.


  • Assaults a fence with a shotgun
  • Kills a bunch of people
  • Straps a fuckton of dynamite to himself for a reason still unknown
  • For some reason, during the scene at the school dance, he gestures to an unknown person or persons
  • We aren't sure who the fuck it could be, because at the time he does this, Luc Crash and Lola Byrne are chilling at a table eating cheese cubes, Jimmy Cuervo and Famine are engaged in a baseball bat fight, and Pestilence isn't even in the scene because Jimmy killed him earlier
  • Looking back on it, he might be a distant cousin of prom girl
  • We're still not sure why he joined up with Luc in the first place, because it never benefited him in any way
  • What was he good for?  Absolutely nothing.

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