Vincent Cooper (a.k.a. Vincent Wolf)
 is a protagonist? in the 2012 film, Silent Hill Revelation: 3D. He is played by Kit Harington.


  • A bastardization of one of the greatest characters in the Silent Hill franchise
  • Sent by the cult to hunt down Heather Mason, despite the fact that they already hired a private investigator for that exact purpose
  • Completely abandons his mission after falling in love with her, despite knowing her for about twelve seconds
  • Also, she's his cousin
  • Also, he was raised by a goddamned cult, so his concept of "love" should be beyond fucked up
  • Had his character changed from a greedy manipulator in the games to a squirrely high school kid 
  • Constantly acts like he's short of breath and about to swallow a fly
  • Has trouble deciding what his accent is
  • For that reason, possibly related to Quentin Smith

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