Victoria Sutherland is a minor villain in the 2008 film, Twilight, and its sequel, The Twilight Saga: New Moon.  She becomes the main villain in the third movie, Eclipse.  She is played by Rachelle Lefevre in the first two movies and Bryce Dallas Howard in the third.


  • Does absolutely nothing in the first movie
  • No, seriously, she is in the first movie for about 90 total seconds--10 of which are literally only there to set up the sequel
  • Then goes on to get even LESS screen time in the second movie--a movie where she was set up to be the main villain!!!
  • Wants revenge for her boyfriend getting killed by Bella and the Cullens
  • Gets chased across the Canadian border by the werewolves on a daily basis
  • Doesn't get the hint that Bella ruins everything that becomes associated with her
  • Forms an army of vampire newborns in the third one, in order to get revenge on Bella and the Cullens
  • Revealed to be just as much of an emotionally manipulative, abusive piece of shit as the protagonists?
  • Turned Jasper back in the Old West era at some point during or post-Civil War America
  • Which would have been an INFINITELY COOLER STORY than the one we actually got
  • Gets her head ripped off by a werewolf

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