Vicki Vale is a major protagonist? in the 1989 Batman film. She is played by Kim Basinger.


  • One of the most unlikable and rudest characters in the entire Tiradesverse
  • Reels off some of the worst lines of dialogue in cinematic history
  • Is in literally almost every other scene
  • Screams like a goddamned banshee in every other scene
  • Has tickets to Bruce Wayne's charity ball somehow, even though she's been in Gotham for...a day?
  • Has man hands
  • Is somehow fooled into showing up at the Gotham Museum by the Joker, who somehow impersonated Bruce Wayne over the phone...we guess???
  • Even after waiting at the museum for hours, when the Joker shows up and kills everyone, she STILL thinks Bruce is meeting her there
  • Is an idiot

Her linesEdit

  • "Are you sure this time?" (Her rude reply to Bruce in the mansion)
  • "I loved you from the minute I saw you." (coughBullshit!cough)
  • "Are we going to try to love each other?" (Cue: Mexican wave of vomit from the audience)
  • "And purple! OH I LOOOOVE PURPLE." (And she blows the Joker.)

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