Uncle Ray is Damien's actual uncle, a man that has become known as a legend in dive bars across the nation. He has become a frequent reference on the show due to his significant influence in Damien's formative years and for his tendancy to give drunken (but still typically useful) sage advice at the most random times.

He is also to thank for Damien's love of video games, due to handing him down boxes full of consoles when he was nine.


  • Has been married at least five times
  • His usual breakfast consists of a beer, a cigarette, a burnt waffle, and then another beer
  • Was once detained by Canadian border patrol for holding up his fists when asked if he was smuggling any deadly weaponry
  • Is a mortal enemy to the ailment commonly known as "sleeping wrong" - he was once quoted as saying "how do you fuck that up? It's just a lay down thing"
  • He once said his favorite brand of beer is "open"
  • Claimed to be a roadie for Poison at one point in his life
  • May very well be the love child of Keith Richards and a mullet that gained sentience
  • Attended quite literally every WCW event that came to the Baltimore area in the 90s
  • In a related note, once was part of a mob that watched two wrestlers fight in a bathroom

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