Tommy wiseau
Tommy Wiseau
(born Don Wiseau, somewhere in France) is the director, writer, producer, lead actor, editor, key grip, best boy, gaffer, caterer, and cameraman of The Room.


  • According to Greg Sestero, who plays Mark in The Room, Wiseau claims he is from France and emigrated here due to being wrongfully arrested by the French police
  • However, Sestero's brother's girlfriend said she got a copy of his birth certificate, and he was actually born in an Eastern Bloc nation
  • Sold toys on the streets of San Francisco
  • Apparently worked at a hospital years ago, which is a horrifying thought
  • The hosts broke the Guinness Book of World Records for most Tommy Wiseau impersonations in a 2-hour span during Episode 6
  • Might actually be D.B. Cooper
  • Starred in the Samurai Cop sequel

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