Tina is a character in the 2013 David DeCoteau film, A Talking Cat!?!. She is played by Janis Peebles.


  • Is in a constant state of ACTING!!!
  • In her defense, she is only character in this stupid-ass movie with anything resembling a character motivation
  • Is a fast-rising up-and-comer in the computer business
  • Somehow created a program that can recognize every single article of clothing in human existence
  • Making this even more insane, the clothes get scanned...with a BOOK LIGHT
  • Her immediate reaction to hearing a cat talk to her is a very matter-of-fact, "You're a cat!"
  • Calls her brother a "moronic oaf", a "goofus", and "Slacker McNoLife"
  • Which leads me to believe that she was possibly kidnapped out of a sitcom from each of three different decades

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