The Final Destination is a 2009 supernatural horror film--the fourth installment in the popular Final Destination franchise of movies. It was the subject of one of James' written Tirades. Despite it being called The Final Destination, another sequel followed. It is pretty much the most overbearingly ridiculous film in the entire series.


The typical FD modus operandi where Death itself goes after a group of late teens/20-somethings that survive a horrific scene of mass death but were not meant to. It also follows another time-honored tradition in the FD series of having endless plot holes and atrocious acting.

Notable charactersEdit

Plot holesEdit

  • The NASCAR racers keep driving at full speed despite the fact that there is a humongous scene of fire and black smoke and death happening all over the place for several minutes.
  • The cowboy guy miraculously survived the opening dead scene, but it was not because of a premonition. Yet, he ends up dying anyway. So, does this mean that everyone who suffered even a minor injury at the race track was meant to die?
  • An ambulance drives at least 75mph through a hospital parking lot and utterly obliterates a character and no one inside the ambulance even gets out after it screeches to a halt.
  • The nail gun that shoots Nick's arm was empty when you first see it, but when Nick is near it, it apparently got magically refilled by a chill wind.
  • A nail gun is virtually impossible to use as a projectile weapon and must be pressed up against a surface to discharge a nail. Yet, in this movie, it simply falls on the ground and discharges several.
  • The construction area had a fire alarm that was frayed and disconnected and a fire extinguisher that was 99% empty. If that happened in real life, someone is going to jail or at the very least is getting sued.
  • Nick puts out a chemical fire...with water. (Insert: "The Price is Right" loser sound effect.)

Tiradesverse tropesEdit


This review came out well before the advent of the Final Word, and James gave it a numeric score of 5/100; however, as of Episode 17, James retconned all numeric scores and gave this movie a Final Word--"Goldberg".

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