The Fallen
is the main villain (though only in the titular sense) in the 2009 film, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.  He is voiced by Tony Todd, who was collecting a Ben Kingsley Paycheck.


  • Is Megatron's boss, apparently, which makes absolutely no sense considering that Megatron was the overlord of the Decepticons in the previous movie
  • Does almost nothing the entire movie
  • No, seriously, he sits inside the Decepticon home base on Mars for most of the hideously long runtime of this piece of shit movie
  • Knows exactly where the sun-killing, Energon-harvesting MacGuffin device is, but was apparently content to just sit on Mars for thousands of years without making so much as an attempt to go activate it
  • Never went after it because he was apparently watching a SNICK marathon
  • His big climactic fight with Optimus Prime at the end of the movie lasts less than a minute, and is obscured by several pillars and other structures

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