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The Amazing World of Gumball is a BAFTA award winning British/American children's show on Cartoon Network. It was created by Ben Bocquelet and Mic Graves, and it has been theorized that they might be aliases for James and Damien.  

The Evidence Edit

  • The theme for Zardoz is played during the Christmas Special
  • Zardoz is also referenced in the episode "The Others" where in a sequence of revelation Gumball plays Zed while Darwin plays the giant floating head
    • The father loves a Spanish soap opera "Casa de las Lagrimas" (House of the tears) in which the protagonist is named Consuella
  • In the 3rd season 7th episode "The Name" Gumball discovers his birth name is Zach, but has it legally changed to gumball when the name of Zach causes him to pop his collar and display the traits of a Guy Banter
  • Both shows have teased an internet famous episode and then played a joke instead. Both audiences got a laugh from it.
    • Tranquil Tirades teased a review of "The Room" and ended up recording a conversation
    • Gumball teased an R-rated adaptation of the creepypasta story "The Grieving" and ended up showing a gif of a Chihuahua playing the saxophone.
  • A British/American show matches the nationalities of Damien and James, respectively
  • In Season 5 episode 9 "The Slide" dating websites like Plenty of Fish and their profiling process is made fun of much like how Damien did in Episode 52
  • In Season 5 episode 17 "The Box" the Wattersons come across a mysterious box. Nicole, the mother, imagines it to be filled with money. However she predicts that after taking the money they are pursued by a bulldog that looks and talks like Anton Chigurh
    • James has used Anton Chigurh as an example of a villain done correctly in comparison to poorly done villains like in I know Who Killed Me
  • The Season 4 episode 9 "The Gift" has characters with American accents who have Japanese names like Masami Yoshida
  • The ways that Gumball and Darwin are rude to the ghost character Carrie Krueger in the Season 2 episode 9 "Halloween" demonstrate new levels of Disrespecting the Dead
  • Both shows have made nuanced references to 4Chan
    • As well as....
      • Metal Gear Solid
      • Super Mario Brothers
      • Zelda
      • Street Fighter
      • Mortal Kombat
      • Dragonball
      • and... Zardoz
  • In the Season 4 episode 37 named "The Fury" Gumball warns everyone to "Either leave or cover your eyes. This scene is about to become rated R for an abundance of outrageous gore"
    • Which is practically the MPAA's rating for Riki-Oh: The Story of Ricky
    • In season 4 episode 15 "The Uploads" a video remix is uploaded by user: Ricky O.
  • In Season 3 episode 15 "The Law" a police officer tasers wavy tube men and then forces Bobert to dance
    • The overall incompetency of the police force of Elmore suggests no police in Elmore, which makes it a place in the Tiradesverse by associative property
  • The season 5, 18th episode "The Console" is a homage to games like Final Fantasy and Chrono Trigger
    • the episode also reveals that Gumball reads the comic "Badman" for the main characters morally dubious adventures
    • This reflects Damien and James love for anti-heroes like The Punisher or Snake Plissken
    • Badman is the name of a comedy skit by Pete Holmes, a comedian that James and Damien often quote and reference
  • In Season 3 episode 25 "The Pizza" Gumball complains about how much of a movie is given away in trailers and movie posters
  • The talk of a movie "The Planet of the Monkeys" is almost identical to Damien's example about Planet of the Apes when they covered Yor, The Hunter From the Future
  • In the same episode, Anais summarizes Star Wars as the movie "where the asthmatic robot who turns out to be the laser samurai's dad."
    • This reflects Damien's view of the franchise, specifically when comparing Shao Kahn to Darth Vader
  • In episodes 38, 41 and 42 Damien makes references to a goldfish, mentions a talking goldfish in episode 41, and a walking goldfish in episode 50
    • The deuteragonist of TAWOG, Darwin, is a walking, talking goldfish
  • In Season 3 episode 32 "The Safety" the character of Anais displays the ludicrousness of Movie Hacking
  • In Season 4 episode 28 "The Nest" a news report has a photo of people in their late twenties and early thirties (possibly the cast and crew) being portrayed as "feral teenagers" with intentionally bad superimposed images of cans of body spray with backwards hats
  • The world of Gumball has a alternate dimension in which all the worlds mistakes end up. This includes:
    • Laserdiscs
    • Jorts
    • The Mullet
    • Toxic Hairspray from the 80's
    • Clippy
    • Crazy Frog
    • Dodo Birds
    • Zeppelins (because all alternate dimensions and alternate universes need to have zeppelins)
    • Flashy Hippie Vans
    • Disco
    • Platform balls
  • Due to these facts, this could be the convergence point with the Tiradesverse

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