Tentacles is a protagonist? in the 1999 film, The Legend of the Titanic.  He is voiced by Caroline Preston in the English version.


  • Possibly the worst cartoon character ever conceived
  • Is a Titanic-sized octopus with a dog's face
  • Has absolutely no defining personality characteristics except "gullible"
  • Caused the sinking of the ship because he was fooled by a talking mafioso shark into chucking a huge iceberg into the ship's path
  • Right...
  • Could have just swam up to the surface and moved the iceberg out of the way (he had plenty of fucking time), but instead chooses to float down to the bottom of the ocean and cry
  • Apparently, to go back underwater, he requires a deep breath
  • Manages to save everyone--even the captain!
  • Because we all know he survived the sinking, right?
  • Goes down with the ship and gets crushed by it, but shows up at the end of the movie, perfectly fine, with absolutely no explanation as to how he lived
  • Is possibly the descendant of the Giant Octopus

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