The Talismans of Belial are three MacGuffins in the 2006 Uwe Boll film, Bloodrayne.


  • Are an eyeball, a rib bone, and a heart--all of which were cut out of the legendary vampire, Belial, when he was finally killed
  • Grant immunity to traditional vampire weaknesses (holy water, crosses, and sunlight) to any vampire who possesses them
  • Why these people who killed Belial never just burned the entire body and scattered the fucking ashes at a crossroads or across the ocean is beyond us
  • The eyeball ever-so-conveniently gives Rayne immunity to holy water immediately before she drops right into a pool of it
  • The rib bone is found by Kagan's goons with zero explanation as to where it was or how they obtained it
  • Rayne gives an empty box that she claims has the heart in it to Domastir, who then gives the box to Kagan and NO ONE checks inside to make sure it's actually there
  • SPOILER: It wasn't.
  • In other news, this movie probably has more unfathomably stupid characters than any other movie in the Tiradesverse
  • Which is saying something, considering that the hosts have reviewed Battlefield Earth

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