is a protagonist? in the 2013 David DeCoteau film, A Talking Cat!?!. She is played by Kristine DeBell.

(Yes, the same woman from the musical porno Alice in Wonderland.)


  • Is fucknuts insane
  • Looks like Selma from The Simpsons
  • Treats her daughter like shit, despite her being the only person in their household with any sense of direction
  • Has multiple passive-aggressively incestuous scenes with her son
  • Is goddamned OBSESSED with her catered cheese puffs
  • Seriously, this woman is so wound up about her fucking cheese puffs that she thinks a potential investor in one of her clients declined to invest in the client because she didn't have enough cheese puffs to cater their meeting
  • Is rather nonplussed about Tina telling her that a cat talked to her
  • Actually, she pretty much just ignores everything Tina tells her
  • Was a former Catwoman
  • Single-handedly keeps Evil Beautycorp in business, seeing as how she can take a tray of cheese puffs out of the oven without mitts on
  • That's where the money comes from
  • The evil twin of Kimberly

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