The Best of 2013 Retrospective is the second special episode of the Tranquil Tirades podcast. Its official title is "The Giant Spectacular Tirades All-Star Special #2".

The EpisodeEdit

Designed as a primer for new listeners, the hosts talked about the history of the show, and spent a few seconds going back over every episode to date, giving their personal, uncensored opinions on each episode's quality. They also talked more in-depth about each episode they recorded in 2013, as well as the formation of the Tranquil Tirades Wiki. Damien spent over 30 hours editing this episode and all the clips from the 2013 podcast episodes together. The show had clips of the hosts' favorite moments from Episodes 18 through 27.

If you are new to the show, this is the episode to download first. And share it with your friends.

Before and AfterEdit

Previous episode: Episode 27 - Santa's Slay

Next episode: Episode 28 - A Talking Cat!?!

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