Son Goku is the main protagonist? of the 2009 film, Dragonball Evolution. He is played by Caucasian actor, Justin Chatwin.


  • Is a white guy playing a Japanese character named Goku
  • Chatwin was 27 years old when this was filmed, and was supposed to be playing (for this movie) an 18-year-old, who should actually be roughly eight years old if the people who filmed this gave even half a shit about the source material
  • Goes to high school and is bullied to the point where the bullies actually try to kill him by running him over with a car
  • While in astronomy class, daydreams about Chi-Chi sitting in a flowery field eating strawberries
  • Gets revived with a Kamehameha, even though it is supposed to be an ultra-destructive fireball
  • Turns into Oozaru, a giant demon space gorilla, during a solar eclipse, but this effect only lasts 3 minutes, tops
  • Has a forehead vein so large that we expected it to gain sentience and and fight alongside him
  • Has multiple horrible wire-fu battles
  • Is an airbender, apparently (and no, that's not a joke)
  • Is repeatedly told that he isn't strong enough to defeat Piccolo, but it turns out he totally is--to the point that he beats him in under two minutes

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