Sheriff Tanner
is a protagonist? in the 2005 film, The Crow: Wicked Prayer. He is played by Dave Baez.


  • Has a non-Native American name, even though his sister does
  • Automatically assumes Jimmy Cuervo killed his sister despite his blood and more than one noose being left at the scene of the crime where both were murdered
  • Seems to have no problem with a mortician eating a sandwich over his dead sister's corpse
  • Doesn't tell his father or his tribal council about Jimmy's powers until two seconds before they are about to open fire on him
  • Allows the two people who brutally murdered his sister to just walk right by him, get into a car, and drive away
  • Tops this by putting Lola under arrest at the very end, instead of allowing his father to shoot her in the fucking head like she deserves

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