is a protagonist? in the 2004 film, Torque. She is played by Monet Mazur.


  • Alternates between loving and hating Cary Ford literally every scene
  • Ford abandoned her and caused her business to be ransacked and wiretapped by the feds, but she seemingly forgives him after one token scene of being pissed off at him when he returns after six months in Thailand
  • Probably bipolar
  • Apparently pays for everything Ford and his friends need during their excursion through California
  • Stays with Ford on his journey for some unknown reason, despite the fact that there is literally nothing to be gained by helping him and she would be hunted by two different motorcycle gangs
  • Has a motorcycle fight with China--literally, they attack each other with their bikes
  • Was briefly given consideration for real protagonist status, but this consideration was quickly snuffed when the hosts decided that she brought all of her misfortune in the present time on herself by sticking with Ford
  • Is an idiot

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