Agent simmons
Agent Seymour Simmons
is a character in the 2007 Michael Bay film, Transformers and its first two sequels, Revenge of the Fallen and Dark of the Moon.  He is played by John Turturro, who was there to collect multiple Ben Kingsley Paychecks.


  • Is a fucking cartoon character
  • Head of Sector 7, which is apparently different than Bureau 713 and Sector 7-G
  • After Sector 7 is terminated, goes on to work at his mother's deli and becomes the real protagonist in the second movie
  • Somehow constructed an underground bunker full of all of Sector 7's classified documents below said deli
  • Tazes Leo, which was much appreciated by the hosts
  • Appears on The O'Reilly Factor
  • Got fabulously wealthy from writing one book (see: Michael Bay has never...)
  • Apparently fucked Charlotte Mearing a long while back
  • Try to get that image out of your head...

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