Selina Kyle/Catwoman is a protagonist?/villain in the 1992 film, Batman Returns. She is played by Michelle Pfeiffer.


  • Never manifests random R&B powers or becomes a meth-head
  • Makes an almost believable costume from random leather jackets unlike that other Catwoman
  • Survives a 30-story fall out of a building thanks to...cats licking her wound?
  • Continues to show up to work after getting murdered by her boss
  • That's some real dedication there
  • Gets murdered multiple times after that and continues to live
  • Shows up alive at the end of the movie as a sequel hook that never pays off
  • Is the tangental string that puts Catwoman in continuity with the 90's Batman series
  • For causing us to have to link any movie to that one alone is worthy of hoisting her to protagonist? status

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