Sebastian is a protagonist? in the 2006 Uwe Boll film, Bloodrayne. He is played by Matt Davis.


  • Hands down, the absolute biggest idiot in the entire Tiradesverse
  • Mailing it in like almost everyone else in this thing
  • Recipient of the Eric Roberts Paycheck for this particular cinematic pile of shit
  • Right-hand man of Vladimir
  • He did get to bang Kristanna Loken, though
  • Loud whispers almost all of his lines
  • Kills Domastir, but gets killed by him anyway
  • Rayne offers him the chance at an immortal life full of banging her and getting nigh-unto-endless blowjobs from her...but he chooses to painfully bleed to death on a floor
  • This is where you re-read the first fact in this list

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