Saw VI
Saw VI is a 2009 gore porn film--the sixth entry in the popular Saw franchise. It is without question the worst of them all, which is saying a hell of a lot.


Agent Strahm is dead at the hands of Hoffman.  Hoffman becomes the new Jigsaw. The police in Rusted Metal City are all idiots. Lots of people die. Nobody cares.

Notable charactersEdit


This movie was reviewed on Episode 356 of The Show, and was the first time Michael David Sims, James, and Damien all recorded a show together. It was also the landslide winner of the Best Individual Podcast Episode in the 2010 Mainpage Awards.


  • Jigsaw's COSTCO card
  • Damien debuts the world's greatest Jigsaw impersonation
  • Hoffman and co. singing a song in the car
  • Paris Hilton is a Saw fan?
  • Rip Taylor reviews Saw
  • The guys discuss crappy NFL teams
  • Jigsaw scouts new disciples in line at Wendy's


All three hosts gave the movie a resounding zero out of five stars.

Tiradesverse tropesEdit

  • Protagonists? - William, Jill, and all the cop characters
  • Real protagonist - Missing arm girl
  • Plot convenience
    • Jigsaw bought an abandoned zoo
    • Jigsaw somehow doesn't know Amanda was dating the junkie who killed his unborn child
  • Sudden Character Stupidity Syndrome -
    • Jigsaw buys insurance from William, despite knowing that he screws people over
    • And after he is screwed over by William, he just gives up on getting treatment overseas despite being more than wealthy enough to just get the treatment without insurance
  • Edited at gunpoint - The entire movie is just a flashback festival
  • Exposition Network

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