Saw V poster
Saw V
is a 2008 gore porn film--the fifth installment in the Saw series of movies. It was reviewed by James and Damien as a written Tirades article, as well as Michael David Sims on Episode 278 of The Show.


Endless flashbacks. People die for no reason. Strahm gets squished. That's about it.



"You won't believe how it ends."

Actually, we totally did.

Written Tirades reviewEdit

The written review was the first reference to "I Hope You Die" by the Bloodhound Gang, which would become the original theme song for the Tranquil Tirades audio segment.


  • The writers of this movie got from A to B by going backwards through Z, knocking out R for looking at them funny, and calling K's mom a hooker, before remembering that we were still trying to get to B somehow.
  • People that steal hotel towels will be the next Jigsaw victims


James originally gave this the unenviable score of 1/100, but as of Episode 17, he retconned all numeric scores and assigned this movie the Final Word, "ACME".

Tiradesverse tropesEdit

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The Written Review.

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