Can someone explain what the fuck this poster is supposed to mean???

Saw 3D is a 2010 gore porn film--the seventh entry in the atrocious Saw film series. It was reviewed on The Show Episode 425 by James, Damien, and Michael David Sims the day it was released.

It is easily the laziest film in the entire series.





  • "He tried so hard, and got so far...but in the end, it didn't even matter." - Damien, talking about Chester Bennington's character
  • Billy the Puppet doing an E.T. over the moon
  • Reptile freed old diabetic grandma from her imprisonment


None of the hosts gave it a grade. It's pretty much understood that it was a unanimous zero.

Tiradesverse tropesEdit

  • Protagonists? - Bobby, Jill, and all the cop characters
  • Real protagonist - Joyce and missing arm girl in her cameo
  • Courtney - All of Bobby's entourage
  • Ben Kingsley Paycheck - Cary Elwes
  • There Are No Police - The few cops left are totally incompetent, and they all get slaughtered by Hoffman
  • Plot convenience
    • Jigsaw is shown to have met Bobby years earlier at a book signing despite Bobby being on a book tour in the present time for the same book--book tours never last this long
    • Bobby's whole story revolves around him escaping from a Jigsaw trap, and he even has fake scars to sell it.  Was he never questioned by police?  And did he construct a fake trap?
    • The cops are immediately on the scene to investigate a car accident at a junkyard in the middle of the night
    • The opening scene trap is just out in the middle of a crowded street with no explanation as to how it was built or got there
    • Hoffman somehow has no clue about Dr. Gordon's involvement with Jigsaw
  • Bullseye Bullshit - Hoffman shooting a cop in the eye

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