Saw is the first film in the popular horror franchise of the same name. It is generally regarded as the best in the series, although that really isn't saying much considering this one has plot holes like all the others and the entire series outright sucks.

In an odd quirk, this was the last of all the Saw films to be officially dissected by members of the staff on a podcast. (It had been reviewed by Michael Sims previously as a written review in October of 2004.) It was reviewed by Michael David Sims and Jenny Seay after Sims, Damien and James reviewed Saw 3D on Episode 425 of The Show.


Two men are put into a serial killer's trap and given instructions on how to free themselves. Unfortunately, despite the brilliant concept, the whole thing is FUBAR'ed pretty quickly.


The reviewEdit

Mike Sims wrote a review of this for Several years later, the movie's official podcast review was the second half of the wildly popular Episode 425 of The Show where the members of the staff finally put their collective feet down and stated they would never again cover anything related to the Saw franchise.


Sims: 1 out of 5

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