Rayne 02
is the titular character and main protagonist? of the 2005 Uwe Boll film, Bloodrayne and its sequels, the 2007 film, Bloodrayne 2: Deliverance and the 2011 film, Bloodrayne: The Third Reich.  She is played by Kristanna Loken in the original, and Natassia Malthe in the second and third.


  • Has one facial expression the entire first movie (even during the random sex scene)
  • Uses circus props as weapons
  • Weapons that she acquired when she basically killed the Amazing Amanda
  • Daughter of Kagan
  • Has one of the most poorly choreographed fight scenes of all time with the aforementioned Kagan
  • Kills him and spends 100 years traveling towards Montana
  • Gets into a war-of-sorts with Billy the Kid
  • All of this is because of some kids he kidnapped--two of which she knows
  • In what capacity she knows them...never explained
  • Is saved from death at least three times by Pat Garrett, but, being the bitch she is, never thanks him even once
  • Only uses her vampiric powers one time the entire second movie......while she is laying on her back weakened from bloodthirst
  • Develops a fetish for chewing on matchsticks
  • Kills Billy in one of the most boring fights ever seen in film
  • Claims she's going to travel to Tombstone, Arizona to stop the Clanton Gang, who are all vampires, apparently
  • So...she's going to ride on horseback...from Arizona...

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