Seychelle Gabriel
Princess Yue
is a character in the 2010 M. Night Shyamalan film, The Last Airbender. She is played by Seychelle Gabriel.


  • Like every other character in the movie, is played by a block of wood--in this case, a piece of sassafras
  • Her establishing shot is of her unbelievably phallic-looking hairdo 
  • Dispenser of several of the worst lines of dialogue in the entire Tiradesverse
  • Has a whirlwind three-minute romance with Sokka
  • Believes in her beliefs as much as the Fire Nation believes in theirs
  • Sacrifices herself to become the new Moon Spirit, which should be a heart wrenching moment, but since we see her on screen for a grand total of about five minutes, no one cares
  • The actress apparently went on to voice Asami in The Legend of Korra

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