Piccolo is the main villain in the 2009 film, Dragonball Evolution. He is played by James Marsters.


  • Looks like the Mask when Dorian Tyrell put it on, rather than a Namekian
  • Despite being an intergalactic despot, has only one minion
  • Kills Gohan by telekinetically imploding his house on him, but at the end of the movie, can't use that uber-powerful telekinesis to lift the Dragonball that falls off the cliff back into his hand
  • Flash evaporates a lake to find a Dragonball, which makes him look more like a Captain Planet villain than a true threat
  • Meets Goku for the first time with 10 minutes left in the movie
  • Gets beaten by Goku in less than two minutes in their "climactic" battle
  • In a post-credits scene, gets nursed back to life by some random Asian woman whose life he spared earlier for no discernible reason
  • Looks like a fucking goober while this happens
  • Yes, even more than he already did

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