Peggy (SC)

Peggy Thomas is a protagonist? in the 1991 film, Samurai Cop, as well as its 2015 sequel, Samurai Cop 2: Deadly Vengeance. She is played by Melissa Moore in both films.


  • Has probably fucked 80% of the precinct she "works" at
  • Really, just by sleeping with Joe Marshall alone, she probably has at least a half a dozen STD's
  • Can somehow, with her naked eyes, spot a specific blue van in the middle of Los Angeles freeway traffic from over 1,000 feet in the air while in a helicopter
  • Can also hear Joe flirting with her while in said helicopter that is 1,000+ feet in the air, despite neither having a headset on
  • Gets 4th-degree burns when Yamashita pours boiling grease on her stomach three or four times
  • Somehow is still able to formulate whole sentences during this, despite the fact that she would be in shock from the ungodly immense pain that would cause
  • Returns for the sequel somehow, even though she should be dead
  • She also had a child, even though the area of her body that would be encasing a developing fetus was mutilated
  • Still looks very attractive at 50
  • Somehow has information on the gangs, even though she no longer works for the police
  • Is never seen again after she info-dumps to Joe and Frank

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