Pamela Jenkins is a character/plot device in the 2009 film, Saw VI. She is played by Samantha Lemole.


  • Investigative reporter who really sucks at her job
  • Sister of William Easton, despite being like half his age and looking absolutely nothing like him
  • Is referred to as "babe" by this guy, who, I will remind you, is her BROTHER
  • Captured by Jigsaw because she was apparently sensationalizing the Jigsaw murders
  • How you can sensationalize a story about people having their limbs ripped off, eyes gouged out, torsos sliced to ribbons, or being outright decapitated is beyond me
  • Is literally only in the movie to be part of the twist ending that makes no fucking sense at all and was among the most contrived endings in cinematic history
  • In other news, the writers of this movie probably masturbated while thinking about how "clever" they are

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