Dr. Niko (Nick) Tatopoulos is the main protagonist? in the 1998 Roland Emmerich film, Godzilla. He is played by Matthew Broderick.


  • Talks as if he's constantly surprised by everything that was just said to him
  • Studies irradiated earthworms in Chernobyl, which means he's the perfect candidate to study a giant mutant iguana
  • Uses pregnancy tests to find out that Zilla is going to lay eggs
  • No, that makes no goddamned sense at all
  • In other news, this movie is really big on telling the audience to "just go with it"
  • Used to date Audrey Timmonds, but she left him without saying a word
  • Despite this, he twice gives her another chance to patch up their relationship--the first of which ruins his career...
  • You see, he gets kicked off the team trying to study and stop Zilla, even though the tape that was stolen from him by Audrey and broadcast on TV gave absolutely zero new or compromising information about Zilla or the military

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