Molly Abrams
is one of two real protagonists in the 1995 film, Showgirls. She is played by Gina Ravera.


  • Gives Nomi food and a place to stay after she beat up her car and threw up all over it
  • Then becomes best friends with the bitch
  • Offers to sew a dress for Nomi, but Nomi just buys it instead
  • Is forgotten about for a gigantic chunk of the movie
  • Gets raped by the celebrity she idolizes
  • Is one of the Seamstri
  • Gets pissed at Nomi for what she did to Cristal Conners, but forgets her anger like 90 seconds later when Nomi invites her to a party
  • Is apparently cool with everything that happened because Nomi beat the dogfuck out of Andrew Carver
  • Kind of an idiot, really

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