PDVD 1726
Missing arm girl (a.k.a. Simone) is the only smart character in the entire Saw series (thus making her the real protagonist of the whole series.) She is played by Tanedra Howard who was cast in the role via winning the reality series Scream Queens. It was thought at first that she was just another throwaway character because Howard ridiculously overacted during her debut scene in Saw VI. However, upon watching her two subsequent scenes (one more in Saw VI and the other in the sequel, Saw 3D), it was revealed that her character vocalized the thoughts of James, Damien, Michael David Sims and every other rational person who was unfortunate enough to watch these movies.


  • In her debut scene, she is shown trapped in one of Jigsaw's stupid traps, and she chops her arm off to save her life, at the expense of her co-worker
  • Her severed arm weighs more than all of her fat co-worker's guts
  • After Detective Hoffman asks her if she "learned her lesson", she rants at him about how she only has one arm
  • In her one scene in Saw 3D, she calls out everyone in the support group who is praising Jigsaw or celebrating their new leases on life by essentially calling them all idiots
  • Is unquestionably awesome, and in the afterlife is one of Jim Varney's warriors of truth and justice