Mikaela Banes is a major protagonist? in the 2007 Michael Bay film, Transformers, as well as its first sequel, Revenge of the Fallen.  She is played by Megan Fox.


  • One of the most shallow characters in the entire Tiradesverse
  • Practitioner of the Kristen Stewart "stare-off-into-space endlessly" maneuver
  • So orange that it's suspected that she bathes daily in a vat of spray tan
  • Is not Trent's "little bunny"
  • This, despite the fact that she was literally draped over his back two minutes earlier
  • Has the gall to gets pissed off at Sam over, of all things, his fucking eBay username when she was an accessory to multiple grand theft autos.
  • Is a total bitch
  • Her clothing is apparently coated in teflon because it never gets so much as a smudge on it, even while being surrounded by explosions
  • Keeps Whiffledick in a metal box and somehow gets it through airport security
  • The only reason she keeps him in this box is because of plot convenience
  • Somehow gets from her auto shop to the unnamed California airport, flies across country to Pennsylvania, gets through that airport, hails a cab, and makes it to Sam's college all in the span hour???
  • Doesn't return for the third movie, and gets replaced by someone who is an even worse actress

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