Metallica is a heavy metal/hard rock band from Los Angeles, California, widely considered one of the most influential rock bands ever. They are James' favorite band ever in spite of their many flaws and questionable decisions over the years.

The band is responsible for James' personal "music awakening" back in the mid-90's. Re-Load remains one of his favorite albums to this day and is what he credits for truly opening his eyes to the heavy metal genre and subsequently, numerous other genres. The band is often criticized by short-sighted idiots who call them "sellouts" just because they had the gall to experiment with different musical sounds and, even more egregious, cut their hair!!!

The S&M album (recorded with the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra) is James' favorite album of all time.  Many years ago, he started an anime music video series called "Symphony and Animetallica" as a tribute to the album. He reached three videos (covering the first six songs) before giving up, due to the fact that they (specifically the first one) took several months to create.

Damien likes them too.

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