Megatron (a.k.a. Galvatron)
is a minor villain in all four of the Michael Bay Transformers films--TransformersRevenge of the Fallen, Dark of the Moon, and Age of Extinction. He is voiced by a heavily post-production-distorted Hugo Weaving in the first three and Frank Welker in the fourth.


  • We assume Michael Bay absolutely hates him, considering how atrociously he is written in all of these godawful movies
  • After he finally breaks free from cryo-containment in the first movie (roughly an hour and 50 minutes into it), he gets approximately nine minutes of screen time
  • Yes, the leader of the entire Decepticon armada got less than ten minutes of action in the first movie
  • Which is actually his high point for the entire tetralogy...
  • Is revived for the second movie, where it is revealed that the undisputed leader of the Decepticons is actually subservient to something called The Fallen
  • Gets his jaw ripped off by Optimus Prime at the end of the that movie
  • Is revealed to have had a secret alliance with Sentinel Prime going all the way back to before they left Cybertron, even though there is literally no logical time when this could have occurred
  • Is bitched out so badly in the third movie that a human even calls him "Sentinel Prime's bitch"
  • Which, to be fair, he is
  • No, seriously, in one scene, Megatron is gloating about their victory, and Sentinel just arbitrarily bludgeons him and reprimands him
  • Offers a truce to Optimus at the end of the third movie, but Optimus gives him the Sub-Zero treatment
  • Reappears as Galvatron in the fourth movie, but the only notable thing he does is have a short fight with Optimus about 90 minutes into the movie
  • Does absolutely nothing after the movie shifts to China
  • Walks off at the end of the movie, promising to return
  • This is where you re-read the introduction of this article in case you missed it

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