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Maxwell "Max" Connor is the protagonist? of the 1996 film, Kazaam. He is played by Frances Capra.


  • Is chased through an abandoned building and accidentally knocks over a boombox that imprisons Kazaam, the genie
  • Spends most of his days generally being a pain in the ass to multiple people
  • Backtalks everyone
  • Makes his mother's life miserable, never helps around his house and skips class constantly
  • Apparently owns the deed to Matt Hoffman's Playground
  • His room is either in another dimension or doesn't have a ceiling
  • Once he realizes Kazaam is, in fact, a genie, he literally enslaves him: "So, until I use my last two wishes, I...own you."
  • Also dies and is brought back to life, which only compounds our hatred for him
  • Is actually the long-lost, younger brother of Nomi Malone.

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