Detective Mark Hoffman (a.k.a. Jigsaw, "The Hoff", Stabby McStabberson) is the main villain of Saw V, Saw VI and Saw 3D, and appears in Saw III and Saw IV.  He is played by Costas Mandylor in all of them.


  • Assumed the identity of the "Jigsaw killer" after Jigsaw died
  • Is a disciple of the original Jigsaw, but did not follow the same supposed moral code that he did; and in fact, just turned into a standard slasher villain
  • Asks a Jigsaw victim if she "learned her lesson" after she had to chop her arm off in a Jigsaw trap
  • In other news, is a fucking moron
  • Kills every cop in existence
  • Could play Hawkman in a JLA movie
  • Given how he can seemingly be in 58 places at once, he is: The Flash, Batman, a time traveler, an arsonist, a hacker, Jason Voorhies/Michael Myers, a fulltime detective, a surgeon, and a telepath
  • His grand comeuppance is that he.........starves or dehydrates to death???
  • In other other news, the writers of this series are some of the biggest pussies in existence, considering that they had absolutely no balls to actually definitively end the series

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