Luc Crash
Luc "Death" Crash
 is the main villain in the 2005 film, The Crow: Wicked Prayer.  He is played by David Boreanaz.


  • Is about as unintimidating a villain as we have ever seen in the Tiradesverse
  • Is "Death" in the most ridiculous incarnation of the Four Horsemen in cinematic history
  • Comes from a long line of Crash's
  • His plan is to become Lucifer after killing Jimmy Cuervo and Lilly Ignites the Dawn, having his bimbo girlfriend eat Lilly's eyeballs, sacrificing a virgin, getting married to the bimbo in a Satanist church, and then fucking her on holy ground...ALL before the next sunrise
  • Despite the complicated and time-restricted nature of this plan, he seems to not have much of a sense of urgency because he and his goons waste all kinds of time eating "devil"-themed foods and cheese cubes, going to a wedding chapel to kill people and going to a party to kill more people and just sit around
  • Tells Lola that Lilly is infintely hotter than her (which actually is true)
  • Possibly related to Methos

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