This page is a list of all the unresolved subplots in the film, The Room.  All efforts to figure out the actual overarching plot of the movie have failed miserably.

The listEdit

  • Claudette's breast cancer
  • What, exactly, is "the computer business"?
  • What innovative new ideas could Johnny (of all people) have possibly brought to a bank?
  • Where did they take Chris-R, and how did he get on the roof in the first place?
  • Why was Denny selling drugs?
  • Who the fuck was that guy?
  • Why did they do an EXTREME CLOSE-UP on Mark's face to show he has no beard?
  • What is accomplished by standing very, very close to one another and throwing a football?
  • Why did Mark just arbitrarily try to throw Peter off the roof?
  • Who were those random people blowing each other on Lisa's couch?
  • How did Johnny find out that Lisa said he hit her?
  • Why did Lisa say that she was pregnant?

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