This page is a list of all plotlines and subplots Damien noted that never happened in the movie Glitter, but should have.

The events that should have happened if this was anything close to realEdit

  • Billie's father gains custody of her after her mother gives up her custody after she burns down their home
  • Billie goes through a lengthy period of social anxiety and being an outcast as the new kid in the orphanage
  • Billie struggles with abandonment issues, as well as the alcoholism that is clearly in her genes
  • Billie buys her friends new houses when she becomes rich and famous
  • Billie's friends get angry at her just basically forgetting they exist when they were the only reason she stayed in the entertainment business to begin with
  • As soon as she's famous, Billie gets dozens of phone calls from cousins she's never met, let alone her shitty parents
  • Billie has to set aside her morals in order to become a sex symbol in the industry
  • After Dice goes full asshole and Billie kicks him to the curb, Billie starts a long and healthy relationship with the Raphael guy because he seems to be a really nice guy
  • Dice never appears again because he fucked up royally and was a humongous douchebag to Billie and her friends
  • The courtroom drama that occurs when Walker just sues Dice for the money he never received
  • Billie cancels her show at the end of the movie, considering her boyfriend was MURDERED

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