Lisa - The Room
Lisa is the main antagonist in the 2003 Tommy Wiseau film, The Room. She is played by Juliette Danielle.


  • She's a woman in The Room, which automatically means she is at the very least a heartless bitch, and at worst, a conniving, deceitful demon
  • Is both, frankly
  • Has literally zero redeeming qualities
  • Cheats on her fiance, Johnny, and has sex with Mark in Johnny's bed
  • Her mother tells her she has breast cancer and she tells her "don't worry about it"
  • Gets Johnny drunk, even though he doesn't drink, and then claims Johnny hit her, which he clearly did not
  • Already ordered a pizza
  • Says Johnny is boring because he bought her a house
  • Threw a surprise party for Johnny
  • Tells Johnny that she's pregnant to "make it interesting"
  • Tries to have sex with Mark literally over Johnny's dead body
  • Her best friend is hotter than her
  • She's kind of a fuzzy '4'--the Go-gurt of 4's

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