Professor Lionel Hudgens (a.k.a. "evil scientist guy")
 is the main villain of the 2005 Uwe Boll film, Alone in the Dark. He is played by Matthew Walker.


  • Also known as the Xeno Whisperer
  • Literally not one single thing he does in this entire shitfest of a movie is given any explanation or motivation
  • Took 20-some-odd children from an orphanage for the purposes of taking them to an underground laboratory and implanting them with parasites that would fully take over their minds and bodies in 22 years, when he could have just dropped the parasites down their throats at the orphanage and accomplished the same thing in roughly ten minutes
  • The nun who runs this orphanage just allows him to do this with almost no resistance
  • Is also Aline's boss at the Museum of New Santroitcagobergville
  • Is eager to open a chest his crew fished out of the ocean, but then minutes later completely 180's and warns them to not open it
  • Keeps one of the Xenomorph ripoffs as a pet(???)
  • Injects himself with the plasma of said creature for no fucking reason
  • Wants to open the door to darkness, but at no point is it explained why he wants to do something as insane as this
  • Would have gotten away with it, too, if it weren't for those shitty actors
  • Gets a ridiculous CGI knife thrown into his chest by Stephen Dorff, at which time he does some absurdly goofy dance while firing his machine gun into the ceiling

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