Saw vi agent perez
Agent Lindsay Perez
is a character in the Saw film franchise--appearing in Saw IV and Saw VI, as well as a flashback in Saw V. She is played by Athena Karkanis.


  • Can survive a shrapnel explosion to her face
  • She, along with her idiot partner, Dan Erikson, knows from Day 1 that Hoffman is the killer, but doesn't do anything about it, even after she fully recovers from the Billy doll explosion
  • Is the only Highlander
  • Probably listened to Huey Lewis and the News in the car ride with Hoffman and Erikson
  • Cannot react fast enough to stop a guy who is in the process of attacking/killing another person from throwing hot coffee in her face
  • Gets stabbed repeatedly by Hoffman, finally killing her...probably

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