Saw dr gordon
Dr. Lawrence Gordon
is a character in the Saw franchise. He is played by Cary Elwes.

He is also known for Michael David Sims and Damien purposely butchering Elwes' name during the Saw VI and Saw 3D reviews.

Mike: Cary Ewlesssssssssssssss

Damien: EWLES!!!!!!!


  • Was in the original Saw movie as one of the two men trapped in the bathroom
  • Survives by severing his foot off, and then does not appear again until Saw 3D, and only for about 3 minutes of screen time
  • Shoots Adam instead of answering the (disappearing) phone, therefore removing most of the stupid crap that happens at the end of the film
  • Is a rare instance of a two-film Ben Kingsley Paycheck.
  • Was retconned into being the real mastermind behind the Saw III Jigsaw plan, instead of Jigsaw, himself
  • He and Jigsaw gave each other handjobs after Jigsaw made the prosthetic foot for him
  • Jigsaw even put a little pink bow on it

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