Ka-Laa is a protagonist? in the 1983 film, Yor, the Hunter from the Future. She is played by Corinne Clery.


  • Falls in love with Beef McSizzlechest the second she lays eyes on him
  • Has to be rescued multiple times
  • At least once, it is because she telegraphs her sneak attack by screaming while running at the villain
  • Most of the time, Pag is the one who does the lion's share of the work to save her, but Yor is the one who gets to bang her
  • Needs to be told by Pag that men in their tribe are allowed to have multiple wives, even though she should already be keenly aware of this fact
  • Becomes so insanely jealous of Roa that she declares that one of them MUST DIE
  • Then acts sad to see her die no more than four minutes later
  • Possibly a distant successor of Shane, given all of her mood swings

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