Julian Dice is a major protagonist? in the 2001 film, Glitter. He is played by Max Beesley.


  • Is apparently a highly renowned disc jockey in the early 1980's
  • Basically buys Billie Frank from Timothy Walker for an agreed-upon price of $100,000, most likely in order to exploit her voice and become rich
  • Gets her to fall in love with him by playing a marimba
  • I cannot believe I just typed that sentence
  • At first, their relationship is relatively smooth, but in the span of roughly 48 minutes of movie run time, he becomes a complete douchebag
  • Is chosen by SPIN Magazine as "DJ of the Year", even though the movie is stated to take place in 1983--two years before the magazine was created
  • Despite being chosen as DJ of the Year, is ignored by all the other rich people in favor of Billie
  • Somehow psychically writes the same song as Billie while they're apart
  • Gets shot by Walker in the middle of a sidewalk, because he never paid him the $100K, when he should have just paid him his fucking money to begin with
  • Is a tool and an idiot
  • Has perhaps the Guy Banteriest fashion sense in the known world
  • Seriously, his wardrobe is sleeveless tees, wifebeaters, and the same tired pair of leather pants.

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